Bar counters with an innovative and original design, configurable modular structures for professional and flexible use. Different shapes and colours, with striking chromatic and luminous LED lighting effects system that gives the possibility to vary between numerous effects of lights and colours.

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Agora Truck counter

€1.795,00 €3.647,00
The Truck model counter of the Agorà collection, characterized by an innovative design, certainly can not be included in the category of classic Bar counters, being an original recovery of an old ...

BARAONDA Bar Counter Cocktail Station Myyour

€3.512,00 €4.041,00
Baraonda is an innovative bar counter created by Myyour with a modular structure designed for professional use, but so flexible that it can be configured for every use, from the simplest to the most ...

BARAONDA Counter Myyour Display

€1.104,80 €1.381,00
The Baraonda Display by Myyour incorporates the lines of the Baraonda to design a piece of furniture with surprising functional properties and innumerable alternatives. Integrated with the bar ...

BARAONDA counter complete straight Myyour

€1.719,55 €2.023,00
Baraonda Dritto is a modular counter that is extremely versatile and capable of satisfying any need, inside or outside, ideal for a professional bar service but also more simply as an elegant ...

BARAONDA counter complete curve 60 Myyour

€1.581,85 €1.861,00
BARAONDA curva is an innovative bar counter, ideal both indoors and outdoors with a modular structure to create a bespoke bar. Designed for professional use, it is really flexible, can be used as a ...