Wooden garden furniture with swimming pool
Wooden garden furniture with swimming pool
The company Alce is aimed at selling wood for the creation and design of new environments for gardens.
- Designs and creates spaces according to customer wishes, with quality materials.
- Lends its experience and expertise to collaborating companies, to provide the customer with the highest degree of satisfaction
Alce aims to make the customer's rooms warm, welcoming and comfortable, satisfying all the five senses, in order to experience unique and unrepeatable moments with loved ones.
The head office on the Emilia territory with all products made in Italy and the high quality of the materials used, are essential characteristics of Alce.
Wooden fence
Wooden fence
Active in the wood market since 1992, but drawing on an experience that dates back to the early twentieth century, Alce is characterized by being one of the leading companies in the field of outdoor wood and is distinguished by its young and enterprising spirit and the attention to customer details (be it retailer or consumer), environment and quality.
In 1995, Alce introduced new product lines that would allow it to satisfy the peculiarities of market demand. In particular, in 1995 AlceLiving was born, the company's flagship line, with which Alce offers a complete range of structures and accessories made of wood designed for outdoor use, characterized by a high quality of raw materials (autoclaved Pine of Sweden) and with careful and accurate design. Over time, the line has become enriched with floors and coverings in precious woods, pools, houses and bungalows, and a range of structural lamellar fir profiles.
In 2005, the first product proposals with an innovative design, distinguished by the Evolving Outdoor sub-brand, that was able to satisfy contemporary aesthetic and architectural requirements. In the same period Twig was born, the specific line of continental conifer wood for gardening allowing being green in an easy and informal way.
In 2009, a new production site, designed to best serve its customers by combining efficiency and respect for the environment.
In 2013, created an innovative and exclusive output with a unique texture, inspired by natural and authentic materials to experience outdoor spaces experiencing new tactile and visual sensations.
Today, Alce continues to pursue, with passion, its conduct oriented towards research and its constant commitment to innovation, implementing its lines with ever-new products.