Amarcords is a new way of experiencing lighting, creates emotions and evokes memories playing with soft lighting and LED technologies. By now it has become a reference point for VINTAGE design objects and furnishing accessories that recall the industry and the companies of the past. is the ideal shop for those who want to buy unique design and furnishing products, but also give new ideas to architects or professionals in the sector as a starting point for their Vintage Industries projects.
It often happens that when looking at a design object one is struck because it "jars" with the environment that surrounds it, for its uniqueness and uniqueness. wants to become a place to find objects that often added to a simple living room, "stonino" attracting attention and turning it into something UNIQUE.
Shopping on AMARCORDS.COM will be a continuous discovery, a fun and eclectic journey that gives men and women the opportunity to express their sense of design through the timeless creativity of Vintage Industries.